PPA Curriculum



 We are pleased to hear so many positive remarks from parents, teachers and children of our A BEKA Book Learning program. We are delighted to continue offering this highly acclaimed curriculum at Precious Promise Academy.

This early learning program is based on sound scholarship, common sense and the Bible. Thousands of Christians and private schools around the world are successfully using the A BEKA Book curriculum. This traditional, Christian approach to education keeps learning lively, interesting and memorable. Scriptural and character building truths are woven throughout every book. Over thirty years of testing and actual classroom experience goes into every book, so you can be sure that you are getting quality.

Learning is positive, exciting, and productive. Precious Promise Academy programs offer a Christian philosophy of education and a Christian environment for growth. Our programs stress writing, phonics, numbers, health, safety, and manners.

We have also integrated Bob Jones University (BJU) Curriculum into our 2 year old program which offers many activities to help each child learn at his or her own level. This curriculum offers exciting hands-on activities and new approaches to learning that will enhance your child’s growth and development.